Opening party


Opening party in Penguin lasted 4 days and attracted lots of people. Our partners, customers, crew, friends, suppliers, assistants of all kinds and some honored guests from Nepal and other countries. We celebrated the opening, the warmth, the friendship, the expanding of our hotel concept, the great amount of our customers and our staff crew. Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel & Spa already exceeded our expectations in terms of being booked, and even the first 1-2 weeks we had 50-100% occupancy. Real success, a strong push for new steps, ideas and growth of enthusiasm.

Our Awards

Agoda Golden Circle Award 2017
Expedia.com Guest Rated Award 2018
Booking.com Guest Review Award 2017
Pata Award 2016

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Random tour

Glimpse of Bhutan with Tiger Nest

Duration: 11 days
Max elevation: 3000 m
Best time: Mar-Jun/Sep-Dec
Price: $3,030

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