An overall development of a country is determined by strong economic and financial position of it. And for the country like ours, that position is pursued and pushed forward majorly by tourism and hospitality industry. HIMALATRIX is a flagship company that runs six major companies under its wings. We are a group of thoughtful and committed people strongly bonded with each other to achieve our goals. We are set to bring a positive vibration in the field of tourism and hospitality development as well as infrastructural development. All our companies are focused on leading, building and innovating the nation through various sectors. We are proud to present six of our companies that have been serving the nation for the past few years.
  1. Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel & Spa: Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel & Spa is the only smoke free hotel and restaurants devoted to provide the best service and retain customer satisfaction. Equipped with best amenities and modern technology, we are 24 hours standby to serve our guests.
  2. Aria Boutique Hotel & Spa: Aria Boutique Hotel & Spa is committed to maintaining comfort and health of our non-smoking guests. The service and facilities provided by our professional staff lead your heart back to this amazing stay again and again every time you visit the country.
  3. Jurassic Resort & Villas: Jurassic Resort & Villas is the perfect example of luxury in the arms of nature. The blend of luxury and nature is truly unbeatable to anything in the whole world.
  4. Royal Penguin Marathon: Ever wanted to judge the willpower of your body and your mind? If yes, then being the part of this marathon gives you all the answers you have always wanted.
  5. Royal Penguin Adventures: Full of professional enthusiasm, we are ready to bring you to one of the best experiences in your life. Always accompanied by our intense care and concern, you will feel that you are part of our family, the family that is never forgotten.
  6. Trava Bricks Pvt. Ltd: Infrastructure development in the country is vital and we, Trava Bricks, are committed to building and changing the nation in that way, where we will be remembered by our upcoming generations.
  If you focus on results, you will never change. But if you focus on change, you will get the results. The achievements of our organization are the results of the combined effort of each and every individual who have decided to change the history.

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TripAdvisor Award 2017
TripAdvisor Award 2017
Agoda Golden Circle Award 2017
Expedia.com Guest Rated Award 2018

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