Check In

Check-in time: 14-00
Check-out time: 12-00

Check-In Policy

To check in, a guest will be required to present an ID to the hotel receptionist.

You may be requested to show the credit card you used to make the payment where a payment by credit card has been made. If another person used their card to pay for your stay, please advise the hotel administration accordingly using a special form.

At the time of checking into the hotel, a guest is to sign on the registration card confirming that the personal data they provided is true and accurate. This represents an agreement for the hotel to provide hotel services to the guest on the terms and conditions set forth in the Hotel Policy.

Our manager will give you a key (or keys) to your room, an Internet password and the clerk will help you get your luggage to the room.

Check-Out Policy

At the time of checking out of the hotel, the guest is to:

  • have the floor maid check the room according to the inventory list found in the room;
  • pay in full for all the services used, and
  • return the room key(s) to the receptionist.

Early Check-In and late Check-Out

If checking in before the check-out time from 06:00 AM to 10:00 AM, an extra fee of 50% of the room rate per day will be collected for making the room available for early check-in.

A full day’s rate is collected where the stay is less than one day.

In case of delayed check-out, the payment will be collected from the guest as follows:

  • if less than 3 hours after the check-out time, an hourly payment of $10 per person / per room
  • if more than 7 hours after the check-out time, the full rate will be charged.

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TripAdvisor Award 2017
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