Royal Penguin welcomes guests (September)

Happy guests are our source of inspiration!

At Royal Penguin, we make sure every need and desire of our guests are fulfilled. We ensure that every member of our staff exactly understands the requirements of our guests and serve them efficiently. And when they say goodbye cheerfully and thank us for our wonderful service, we are inspired to do better than ever! It was wonderful having you all at our hotel. We hope to see you again.

On the upper photo: Mr. Alshammari from Saudi Arabia (19-20 Sep)


Mr&Mrs Perangelo Bazzoni from Italy (19-20 Sep)


Mr. Valieswaren & friends from Malaysia (21-24 Sep)


Mr. Narayansam & his family from India (23-26 Sep)


Mr&Mrs Gerald Preater from Britain (18-21 Sep)


Mr. Wolf Dries and Mr. Tom from USA (18-21 Sep)


Ms. Eyal Leave and her daugher from Israel (9-16 Sep)


Mr. Sami Abdullah from Syria (12-18 Sep)


Mr. Koichi Hayashi from Japan (20-22 Sep)


Mr. Ian Campbell from USA (17-20 Sep)


Mr. Hussain Alelaiwi from Saudi Arabia (14-20 Sep)


Mr. Hachem Farache & his friend from Lebanon (23-26 Sep)


Mr. Dawa Jiacuo & his friend from China (19-29 Sept)


Mr. David Henry from Ireland (22-24 Sep)


Mr.Abdulrahman from UAE (18-20 Sep)


Ms. Shongshain Jin & her friend from China (17-18 Sep)


Arvind Singh from India (22-25 Sept)

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TripAdvisor Award 2017
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