Tri-Netra Foundation

Tri-Netra Foundation is an organization whose mission is to awaken the third eye of the Nepalese blind community. This foundation helps the children who are visually impaired and physically disabled but still have the dream to pursue their studies and career as a normal healthy child.

The Managing Director of “HIMALATRIX HOLDING COMPANY” & “Kailash Group Investment Company” Mr. Tashi Gurung has been involved personally with the foundation from the year 2016 to help and educate two of the children residing in Tri-Netra Foundation.

Bindu Roka, aged 9 is a little girl from a rural village in Accham district. She is physically disabled by birth. Her left leg needs to be operated several times to walk and live a normal life. Her parents cannot afford the expenses for her operation, studies and other basic requirements. But now she has got a new hope of light for a healthy life and a bright future. She has gone through her first phase of operation and soon will be operated again. After the second phase of operation she can run, walk and play with her friends just as a normal child. She now is a brilliant student of Siddhi Ganesh Higher Secondary School.

Ayush Kaphle, comes from a remote village in Bardia named Phulwari. He has 5 members in his family and is visually impaired by birth. His parents work as labors and cannot meet up the expenses of the children. He was left at Tri-Netra in a very young age and Aria team had the opportunity to witness the charming boy grow up. He is 5 years old now and studies in Laboratory Higher Secondary School. He has the chance to see this beautiful world again and be a gentleman to help the ones in need and build the nation. As per the doctor’s consultation, he is too young to get operated so we all are waiting for the right age and right time for him to see the colors of life.

We wish all the luck to Bindu and Ayush for their bright future!!

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