Phortse Thanga

Phortse Tanga is a small village situated on the bank of white-water river at an altitude of 3,680 meters. Only few hotels are available in this place. It is surrounded by forests and mountains, and the part of trek between Phortse Thanga and Dole is extremely beautiful with its fairy-tale rhododendron forest, especially in spring, when they are blossoming.

Phortse Thanga Guest House

14 rooms: 13 with twin beds and 1 with double and single beds. All cost 200 rs.
Common toilet (European type) and hot shower (gas-heated).
Rooms are clean and most of them have excellent mountain view. Located in a very peaceful place in the forest.
High attention is paid to sanitary in the restaurant. All vegetables are washed thoroughly. Hand sanitizer are on every table in the restaurant, hot towel served to everyone before food.