Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel & Spa is located on a quiet side street of the famous tourist area Thamel and is 30 minutes drive from the airport.

If you wish to make a trip through or outside the city, go for an excursion or a picnic, we would like to offer you the transport which suits you best of all. In case your desires go beyond ordinary trips and you want to go somewhere special using exclusive transport we’ll be more than happy to arrange that. All of your desires will be fulfilled the best way and on time, whether it is flying a helicopter over the Himalayas, riding elephants in the Chitwan National park, riding a horse in Jomsom or anything else you wish. The transfer price depends on the type of the booking.

You can see the prices for different types of transport from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport below.

  • PLS NOTE: Airport pick up will be FREE from the 1st Sept to 30th Nov 2016.
  • Transfer By car By van By Jeep By coaster
    Airport pick up or drop off CNY 99 CNY 199 CNY 232 CNY 331
    Half day S/S (3 hours) CNY 199 CNY 398 CNY 398 CNY 530
    Full day S/S(7 hours) in Kathmandu CNY 331 CNY 729 CNY 729 CNY 1,193
    Kathmandu to Chitwan (drop only) CNY 994 CNY 1,922 CNY 1,922 CNY 2,585
    Kathmandu to Pokhara (drop only) CNY 1,060 CNY 1,988 CNY 1,988 CNY 3,048
    Kathmandu to Lumbini (drop only) CNY 1,590 CNY 2,982 CNY 2,982 CNY 4,440
    Kathmandu to Bandipur (drop only) CNY 663 CNY 1,259 CNY 1,259 CNY 1,922
    Kathmandu to Beni (drop only) CNY 1,259 CNY 2,518 CNY 2,518 CNY 3,711
    Kathmandu to Nagarkot (drop only) CNY 431 CNY 663 CNY 663 CNY 994
    Kathmandu to Dhulikhel (drop only) CNY 431 CNY 663 CNY 663 CNY 994
    Over night stay out of Kathmandu CNY 166 CNY 331 CNY 331 CNY 497

    NOTE: Usage of air-conditioning system will cost 20% extra.

    For more detailed information please contact us on the phone.

    You can see the full list of our hotel one-of-a-kind services on our crazy menu pages.

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